Poets in the Schools

Nevada Poets in the Schools (NVPITS) was modeled after the California Poets in the Schools program, an established method of bringing local poets into classrooms which has been successful for over fifty (50+) years. Our trained professional poets enter classrooms, after-school programs, and community centers to teach the writing, performance, & appreciation of poetry.

Poets can enhance students’ learning and often use music, theater, or visual art to spark creative writing. NVPITS is a program that fosters creativity and encourages young people to examine and value culture, perception, and imagination.

What is taught?
Here are some examples of our past lessons:

– The Anatomy of a Poem
– Frog. Pond. Splash (Using the Senses to Add Depth to Your Poetry)
– A Poem is Worth a Thousand Words (A Lesson on the Economy of Language & Editing)
– Momma’s Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird (A Lesson on Analogies, Gratitude, and Self-Worth)
– What’s in a Name? (A Workshop to Focus on Identity and Self)
– Inside Out (A Workshop on Color and Emotions, great for Kindergarten – First Grade)
– The Art of Poetry Slam (Workshop to Focus Stage Presence, Confidence, and Joy)
– Feedback (How to Listen and Respond in a Writing/Performance Workshop)

How long is a Poet-Teacher residency? How long is a single workshop?
The optimum residency consists of at least five workshops; however, the program can be designed to meet your school’s needs.  We can visit a classroom as many times as you would like, and we can visit as many classes as you would like.  Each workshop can last for up to 60 min.

What are teachers saying?
The students benefit by not only learning to write poetry, but also by enhancing other language arts areas.  They learn literature, reading, writing, listening, speaking and of course self-expression of thoughts, ideas and feelings.

“We had several poets come in to teach poetry to senior English classes. The poets were incredibly professional and made meaningful connections with our students. Our population is Title I, Tier II, and a crowd that is not easily amused. This was not an obstacle for the poets who worked with them.”

– Ashley Carranza, Educator, Eldorado High School

How much are workshops?
The basic 30-60 min workshop fee is $75.
Grant funding is available for eligible schools.

Who are the Poet-Teachers?
All of our Poet-Teachers are published writers who constantly work to improve their craft. Some participate in Poetry Slams, others submit work to be published, others teach workshops and attend AWP. We are happy to provide you with a workshop that meets your students where they are and help them take a forward step into the world of writing.

“Ash” DelGrego – Poet Teacher, Content Coach
Ash DelGrego is a transplant spoken word and slam poet, whose writing centers around activism & bringing awareness to his listeners. As a passionate environmentalist, animal and LGBTQ+ rights activist, he enjoys connecting with other poets, activists, queers, & encourages an open dialogue that betters the world around all of us.

Bruce Isaacson, Curriculum Developer
Bruce Isaacson was the first Poet Laureate of Clark County, Nevada. He is publisher of Zeitgeist Press, with over 100 books to date, and has lived in Michoacán, Mexico, New York City, Los Angeles, Berkeley-San Francisco, and Leningrad, Russia.

“A.J.” Moyer – Poet Teacher, Word Economist
AJ Moyer is one of the founders and organizers of Battle Born Slam in Las Vegas. He has competed and coached at 6 National Poetry Slams, taught poetry classes and workshops for children and adults, and hosted many of Las Vegas’s most popular readings. His work has been featured in the Viva Vegas Poets! anthology, Write Bloody’s Aim for the Head, and on nearly every poetry stage in the Valley. Outside of his artistic work, AJ is a registered behavior technician and academic tutor for children on the autism spectrum.

Vogue Robinson- Poet Teacher, Content Coach
Vogue Robinson recently became Clark County’s second-ever poet laureate and she will always have an appreciation for humans who put truth & heart into words. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from SDSU, she dedicated herself to expression. Her work has been published in Catching Calliope: Vol. 2, Red Rock Review, Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace: An Anthology of Literature by Nevada Women and Clark: Poetry from Clark County, Nevada.  Her first poetry collection titled, Vogue 3:16, was released in 2014. Vogue serves as organizer and co-host to Words in Motion Open Mic and Battle Born Poetry Slam. Robinson has also represented Las Vegas four times at the National Poetry Slam.

“Flynn” Dexter – Poet Teacher, Performance Specialist
My name is Flynn Dexter, and when I was in the sixth grade my best friend gave me a book of collected poems from the 1940s. Ever since then I’ve been burning through pencils at an alarming rate, and trying to fill my gaps in understanding with words and a desire to improve and connect without walls. Since that book became mine in the sixth grade I’ve been working to express that burning thread of desire that flows through all of us, as impossible as that seems. And in a world of rapidly changing reality, the only two things I ever really need to accomplish in life are to work as a singer in Las Vegas, and to be a published poet.

“Ms. AyeVee” – Poet Teacher, Performance Specialist
Ms. AyeVee was born & raised in Las Vegas but comes from a long line of Nuyoricans. A natural Artist, Ashley Vargas excelled in film, theater, music & writing. After studying with the Nevada Conservatory Theater,​ Ms. AyeVee refocused her energy towards poetry. In 2016, her dedication to writing landed her on the official Las Vegas Battle Born Slam Team. Ms. AyeVee continues to compete & tour nationally. She is the co-founder and host of the Truth Collective Slam held here in Las Vegas at the Truth Spot.