Poetry Promise, Inc. was incorporated in Las Vegas, NV in 2016. It was inspired and founded by Clark County’s first Poet Laureate, Bruce Isaacson. We are an advocate for the arts and provide a support system for poetry in the Las Vegas valley. 

Poetry Promise’s mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of poetry and the literary arts in Clark County, the State of Nevada, and beyond.

Poetry Promise provides educational programs, public readings, poetry awards, poetry contests, book publishing, writing workshops, and other related programs and services that advance the cause of literature, poetry and the arts.  

The programs we support and administer include:

The Poets of National Stature Reading Series
Poetic Tradition Workshops 
Open Readings and Special Events
The Poetry Promise Award
Literary publications in cooperation with Zeitgeist Press
Battle Born Poetry Slam 
Publicity and promotion of poetry and literary events

Other programs we will be launching include:
Nevada Poets in the Schools
The Alzheimer's Poetry Project